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The leisurely act of floating in the pool turned into an unconscious study of color and form. Confronted with a gridded ceiling of lights, the repetitive architectural structure was initially the point of attention but quickly moved to the afterimage that lingered behind closed eyes. This optic reaction became the focal point of curiosity, exploring the uncertain space of sight when one continues to see when the eyes are closed. Disparate gradients of color are sourced from memory and tied to specific moments in time and space, from a makeup palette to a dinner date’s dress. The paintings depict a reoccurring motif of imperfect modular units overlaid on a textured field of thickly applied paint. The images that linger when the field of vision have supposedly come to an end are formless and temporally obscure, which recall properties of painterly abstraction. 

                                                                                                       -Sso-Rha Kang

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