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The object explores the intricate relationship between art and mathematics through the lens of the age-old Greek problem known as "squaring the circle." The sculpture/object seeks to visually represent the quest for balance and harmony within the constraints of this mathematical challenge. The composition unfolds as a dynamic interplay of geometric shapes, seamlessly blending circles and squares in an attempt to reconcile their inherent differences. The quest to square the circle becomes a metaphor for the perpetual pursuit of equilibrium and unity, mirroring the human desire to understand and harmonize the complexities of our world and the Heaven. This problem has always been connected to the scared geometry. The spirituality involved in this problem could be found in Dante's text

As the geometer his mind applies

To square the circle, nor for all his wit

Finds the right formula, howe'er he tries

-(Paradise, canto XXXIII, lines 133–135)


The cubic shape of the Kaaba symbolizes unity and oneness in Islam. Similarly, squaring the circle can be seen as an attempt to unite two fundamental geometric shapes. The exploration of unity and the convergence of diverse elements are common themes in both the architectural design of the Kaaba and the mathematical problem.

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