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The idea behind this Earthwork came from the draughtsman’s net, a drawing instrument devised by the German renaissance painter Albrecht Durer. A draughtsman net is used to lay down the composition of a three-dimensional space in to the two-dimensional canvas. By using this device, the painter finds one vantage point and he tries to copy the grids of the net into the grids drawn on paper/ canvas. The painter draws his own viewpoint, the one he finds picturesque. As it provides a vantage point it also limits the vastness of the landscape. The draughtsman net makes visible one point of view and hides the other parts of the landscape. The draughtsman net tabulates the landscape into a system and commodifies it.

The draughtsman net is drawn on the land using Duct tape, a tape made of polymers. This also speaks to the idea of constructing anti-natural structures on the natural land. Early Civilizations are built in grids over the nature. The project consists of a small publication, a sculpture and photographs as earthworks are usually displayed in the galleries as documentations and processed materials.

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